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Dr. Michael Greig Receives the 2022 IEA/Kingfar ECR Award for Research in Human Factors and Ergonomics Issues

 2023/05/05 - Please join us in congratulating Dr. Michael Greig on being selected to receive the 2022 IEA/Kingfar ECR   Award   for Research in Human Factors and Ergonomics Issues.

 This award is given annually in recognition of outstanding Early Career Research in new and emerging human   factors/ergonomics (HFE) issues or HFE Issues in Industrially Developing Countries. The purpose of the IEA/Kingfar Early   Career Researcher Award is to encourage excellent new researchers to explore original research and applications on new   and   emerging HFE issues or HFE issues specifically related to industrially developing countries (IDCs), thereby   contributing to   human wellbeing while initiating a career path in HFE.
Dr. Greig received this award for his work that examines an organisation's metrics system from a macroergonomics perspective. The research identifies gaps between engineering metrics and existing human factors and ergonomics metrics in the case organisation, identifies barriers and facilitators to connecting and integrating human factors and ergonomics metrics in the organisation, and provides recommendations for practitioners and researchers on developing effective human factors and ergonomics metrics based on the findings.

Up to 13 winners can be recognised each year, with 8 awards given to PhD students, and 5 awards to early career scholars/researchers (within 10 years of completing a PhD). The award amount is $1,000 for each selected student and $1,500 for each selected early career researcher.
The deadline for applications for the 2023 IEA/Kingfar ECR Award is June 30th.

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