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Association of Canadian Ergonomists

Member code of conduct, rules of conduct and

conduct complaint policy and procedures 

The objectives of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists (“ACE”) are to promote ergonomics and human factors and to protect the interests of its members, members’ employers, employees and clients, and the public at large. As such, ACE has a duty to provide guidance to its members on standards of behaviour and conduct. 

The Code of Conduct is a set of principles and guidelines for ACE members, which establishes standards of behaviour for them in the pursuit of their professional duties, as well as ensuring that they uphold the reputation and core values of ACE:

  • accountability
  • collaboration
  • competence
  • diversity, and
  • integrity

The ACE Code of Conduct is consistent with the Code of Ethics of the Canadian College for the Certification of Professional Ergonomists (CCCPE). For CCCPE members, where the ACE Code of Conduct differs from the CCCPE Code of Ethics, the CCCPE Code of Ethics shall take priority. Compliance with the CCCPE Code of Ethics is mandatory for CCCPE members and recommended for all those practicing in the field of ergonomics.

ACE members also have a responsibility to respect the integrity of their relationships with the public, employers and clients, including prospective employers and clients, other ACE members, and ACE management and council representatives. 

1. Definitions

In this Code, the term “member” shall include all categories/classes of ACE member, including honorary fellow, fellow, member, affiliate member, transitional member, student member, and corporate member.

2. Integrity

Members shall act, at all times, with fairness, dignity, honesty, integrity, transparency, confidentiality, equity and impartiality, ensure that all interactions are aligned with the values of the ACE, and be accountable for and show competence in their work. 

A member may present his or her competence and expertise in any advertisement, publication or presentation; however, a member shall not:

  • claim skills he or she does not have
  • imply that membership in ACE is equivalent to professional certification in ergonomics
  • produce or place a misleading advertisement, or
  • act to the detriment of his or her colleagues, employers, clients or the public.

3. Representations to the public, employers and clients

Members shall:

·         represent their professional qualifications, knowledge, skills, and experience openly and accurately

·         conduct their work in a manner that is courteous, helpful and respectful, and reflects positively on ACE

·         promotes the mission and values of ACE in all dealings with other ACE members, employees, employers, clients, and the public

·         declare any potential or real conflict of interest and refrain from endeavours that abuse their professional affiliation and secure personal advantage

·         provide accurate and independent advice and identify any assumptions and limitations to proposed solutions

·         take responsibility for their actions and decisions, including immediately informing the employer or client(s), by appropriate means, of any error the member might have made

·         disclose proprietary information on ergonomics projects conducted only with permission from his or her client or when ordered to do so by law, and

·         respect and maintain the public’s, client's or employer's confidentiality

·         not, without explicit agreement from the concerned individuals, communicate or use personal information obtained during a study conducted confidentially, for means other than the ones initially stipulated.  Personal information includes:  information on the individual’s state of health, photos and video recordings of the individual at work and information gathered during an interview.

4. Relationship with other members and ACE

Members shall:

·         contribute to the exchange of knowledge, skills, and experience within the profession

·         truthfully represent their own work and acknowledge collaboration and external sources of information and guidance

·         use their access to the membership database to connect with other members and not for sending self-promotional material or spam to other members

·         respect the professional reputation of other members, and 

·         report inappropriate conduct of other ACE members

5. Compliance

Strict observance by members to this Code is fundamental to the activities and reputation of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists. Violation of the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action, up to and including revoking the individual’s membership in ACE.

6. Complaints Procedure

I. Where an ACE member, employer, employee, client or member of the public observes professional misconduct on the part of an ACE member, ACE encourages that he or she attempt first to resolve the issue directly with the ACE member.  

II. If the issue cannot be resolved by discussion between the two parties, the complainant is encouraged to submit the issue in writing, using the Code of                            Conduct Complaint Form (attached), to ACE’s Executive Director using the following email address:                        

III. ACE’s Executive Director will forward the Code of Conduct Complaint Form to ACE’s Code of Conduct Complaints Panel. The Code of Conduct  Complaints                  Panel will review the submitted complaint, and determine an appropriate course of action, which may include disciplinary measures as seen fit.

IV. If the member is also a member of CCCPE, a copy of the Code of Conduct Complaints Form will also be submitted to the President of CCCPE. Where the subject of misconduct is a member of both CCCPE and ACE, the investigation by CCCPE will precede any investigation by ACE’s Code of Conduct Complaints Panel.

Download the PDF: Code of Conduct

Download the PDF: Complaint Form

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