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We have been very fortunate to have had a number of exceptional speakers and topics!  Here is a full listing.  


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Mike Sonne PhD, CCPE
April 12, 2019
The first decade of ROSA - 10 years of office ergonomics using The Rapid Office Strain Assessment

Christina Cort, CPE, Human Simulation, Mfg Engeneering 
March 20, 2019
From pixels to people: An overview of digital human modeling and its applications 

Tanya Morose, MSc,CCCPE, CRSP1,2
February  1, 2019
Applying for Certification with CCCPE and Maintaining Certification

Dr. Duncan and Dr. Komisar

Make sense of occupational STFs: A practical guide to factors that affect balance recovery in the workplace (2018) - Part 1

Make sense of occupational STFs: A practical guide to factors that affect balance recovery in the workplace (2018) - Part 2


Alex Ostola

Risk Management (2018)


Heather Neyedli

Considering Cognition in Human-System Design (2018)


Jonathan Tyson

What do we mean by 'Ergonomics in our Communit' - Looking beyond the workstation (2018)


Melissa Statham 

When Technology Hurts  (2017)


Jason Kumagai

Fatigue Management - Too Tired for Safety (2017)


Debrorah Goodwin

Manual Material Handling Program Development (2017)


Jocelyne Dubé

Aménagement d’un poste d’accueil fonctionnel et sécuritaire (2017)


Annika Laale

Change Management (2017)


Dr. Jim Potvin

Ergonomic Methods to Assess Complex Jobs - Determining the Cumulative Effects of Multiple Subtasks. (2016)


Dr David Rempel

The New ACGIH Upper Limb Localized Fatigue TLV (2017)

Preventing Neck & Shoulder Pain: Research Update (2016)


Dr. Aaron Kociolek

Exploring Traditional & Alternative Ergonomic Assessment Methods to Predict Injury Risk of Work-Related Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Evidence from the Lab to Practice in the Field (2016)


Jonas Shultz

Simulation-based mock-up evaluation framework for healthcare (2016)

Human Factors and the Built Environment in Healthcare (2015)


Dr. Catherine Trask:

When and Where to Make Ergonomic Assessments: An Introduction to Sampling Strategy for Practitioners (2016)


Heather Kahle

New Ways to Understand & Create Safety (2016)


Dr. Nancy Black

Des outils de bureau ergonomiques (2016)


Dr. Andrew Thatcher

Working with sustainable system-of-systems: applying system dynamics to green building consulting (2016)


Dr. David Antle

Working Posture & Movements in an office (2016)

Participatory Ergonomics (2014)


Dr. Tanya Hewitt

Safety Theories & a Death in Obstetrics (2015)


Allan Keefe

Anthropometry in the Canadian Armed Forces (2015)


Dwayne Van Eerd

Effectiveness of OHS Workplace Interventions in the Prevention of Upper Extremity MSDs: An Update of the Evidence (IWH) (2015)


Trevor King

The evolution of an E-learning for Office Ergonomics (IWH) (2015)


Dr. L. Jo Elliot

Automation and Unmanned Aerial Systems (2015)


Wrae Hill

Interactive Handover (Healthcare) (2015)


Dr. Rob Parkinson

Forensic Biomechanics (2015)


Linda Sagmeister

CSA Z412 (2014)


Dr. Jim Potvin

Setting Acceptable Ergonomic Limits for the Upper Extremities during Repetitive Tasks (2012)


Gary Au

Implementing a Global Ergonomics Program & Metric System across Multiple Plants Part 1 & Part 2 (2012)


IHFE (UK webinar)

'Managing Human Factors and Usability activities within medical device manufacturers