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FORME Ergonomics & Workplace Health Inc.

Carmel Murphy


Vancouver, BC
V7G 1B2
Phone: 778-838-4096

Consultant Bio

Carmel Murphy is a Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist (CCPE) and Registered Physiotherapist (RPT). She has worked in the field of ergonomics since 1992 and prior to that as a physiotherapist since 1984.  

Carmel completed a B.Sc. (Hons) Physiotherapy at the Ulster University and a M.Sc. Ergonomics, Faculty of Engineering at University College London. She recently completed two terms of service on the Board of the Canadian College of Certified Ergonomists and has served on the BC/Yukon Council of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists. She has held adjunct teaching positions in ergonomics at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and Simon Fraser University.

Carmel was formerly an ergonomist with BC Research Inc (1991-1999), Healthcare Benefit Trust (1999-2010) and has been an independent ergonomics consultant since 1999. Since 1992, she has provided ergonomic consulting services, product design and training in a wide range of industrial and office ergonomic environments. 

She has worked in the oil and gas, office, manufacturing, forestry, healthcare, defense and transportation industries. She has worked on projects developing human performance standards, ergonomic risk management tools and development of ergonomic risk profiles. Camel has also lectured in the area of industrial ergonomic programs, musculoskeletal injury prevention, product design and implementation of ergonomics in the health care industry.

Company Description

FORME Ergonomics & Workplace Health Inc. provides consulting services to initiate implement and administer healthy organization and ergonomic programs in a range of industries. Using a participatory approach, our consulting services are aimed at developing sustainable solutions to meet organizational and healthy workplace needs.  

Our consultants have experience in the provision of ergonomics in the following industry sectors:

  • architectural;
  • control room;
  • defense; 
  • healthcare;
  • hospitality;
  • insurance;
  • laboratory;
  • manufacturing;
  • medical device development;
  • office;
  • utilities;
  • warehousing and distribution;
  • and wood products.



Areas of Expertise

Architectural, Defense, Health Care, Industrial, Tertiary / Office sector, Transportation, Human / computer interaction, Accident analysis, Accommodation of special needs individuals, Disability management, Manual handling of materials, Musculoskeletal disorders, Physical environment


Ergonomic intervention, Equipment / product evaluation, Hand tool evaluation / design criteria, Human performance assessment, Physical demands analysis, Research and development, Risk management analysis, Task analysis, Task design, Training / education / program development, Usability testing and evaluation, Workplace design team member

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