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Friesen Ergonomics Inc.

Gary Friesen

908 Summerside Link SW
Edmonton, AB
Phone: 780-913-2706

Consultant Bio

Gary Friesen has over twenty years of experience in the public and private sector evaluating the physical demands of work, assessing industrial and office workplaces, and applying ergonomic principles with the purpose of preventing musculoskeletal injuries. Gary Friesen is a Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist and holds a BPE from the University of Calgary and a Occupational Health and Safety Certificate from the University of Alberta.   

Company Description

Friesen Ergonomics Inc. provides practical and cost effective ergonomic recommendations to office and industrial environments to reduce hazards and risks in the workplace. The company also conducts physical demands analyses for determination of ergonomic risk factors. 



Areas of Expertise

Energy Generation, Health Care, Industrial, Natural resources, Processing Operations, Tertiary / Office sector, Transportation, Human / computer interaction, Disability management, Manual handling of materials, Musculoskeletal disorders, Physical environment


Ergonomic intervention, Equipment / product evaluation, Hand tool evaluation / design criteria, Physical demands analysis, Task analysis, Training / education / program development, Workplace design team member

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