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Human Factors North Inc.

Don Donderi

c/o 5719 Cote St. Antoine
Montréal, QC
H4A 1R8
Phone: 514 943-3631

Consultant Bio

Principal Consultant at Human Factors North Inc. and formerly Associate Professor of Psychology at McGill University (now retired). Dr. Donderi has over 40 years' experience in human factors/ergonomics and applied experimental psychology. He began his applied career in the late 1950's, working for the IBM Federal Systems Division in Owego, N.Y. He is the co-author of a psychology textbook, many research papers and technical reports on human perception, motivation, memory and thinking. He has designed and programmed computer interfaces for military human factors/ergonomics applications, and has designed interfaces for telemarketing applications. He is an expert in human perception and perceptual judgment, and consults regularly with the Canadian pulp and paper industry on the development of better consumer paper products. He has appeared as an expert witness in criminal and civil cases involving human perception and performance. Dr. Donderi has managed large-scale field studies on human performance in marine and Arctic marine environments, and has consulted extensively on the human factors aspects of nuclear power plant operations. HFN Associate Consultants, Dianne Davis & Tom Smahel, assist Dr. Donderi, specializing in measurement of human performance, software usability, & wayfinding.

Company Description

Established in 1982, Human Factors North Inc. (HFN) is a Canadian consulting firm providing ergonomics expertise in designing work based on human characteristics. The goal is to prevent injury and improve performance and well being. Our staff includes experts in both cognitive and physical ergonomics.


English, French

Areas of Expertise

Architectural, Aviation / Aerospace, Communication Systems, Defense, Educational Systems, Energy Generation, Health Care, Industrial, Legislation, Natural resources, Processing Operations, Tertiary / Office sector, Transportation, Human / computer interaction, Human / systems interaction, Information Management, Expert systems, Communications


Human performance assessment, Litigation, Research and development, Risk management analysis, Task analysis, Task design, Usability testing and evaluation

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