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Ergo Human Consulting

Jim Arnold


London, ON

Phone: 5192007610

Consultant Bio

Jim Arnold BSc. CCPE
Jim is the principle consultant for Ergo Human Consulting. He is a Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist (CCPE). His education is a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo. Jim has been performing ergonomics and human factors design in Southwestern Ontario since 1993. Experience includes industrial, commercial, office, insurance, and military. He is currently a professor of human factors design at Fanshawe College’s Advanced Ergonomic Studies program. Jim brings a practical based approach to ergonomics and human factors.

Company Description

Ergo Human Consulting is a London based consultant firm that focuses on providing occupational ergonomic advice for companies that do not need a full time in-house ergonomist. Ergo Human also provides human factors design recommendation for product, process, or system development. Ergo Human will provide a qualified ergonomist to work with you to identify and reduce risk factors (pro-actively and reactively) associated with Ergonomic Related Wellness, usability, and process efficiency. The goals of ergonomics are to optimize human well-being and overall system performance (where the system includes a human). Physical, psychological, and cognitive factors are considered.. The following are some of the wide variety of services offered by Ergo Human: workstation analysis, system process flow, physical demands description/analysis, return to work (placement of injured workers), ergonomic education/training, workstation design/redesign, modified work programs, job task rotation, active retainer systems, office ergonomics, cognitive ergonomics, user feedback testing, product verification, product endorsement, and collaboration.



Areas of Expertise

Defense, Industrial, Tertiary / Office sector, Human / computer interaction, Human / systems interaction, Manual handling of materials, Musculoskeletal disorders, Physical environment


Ergonomic intervention, Equipment / product evaluation, Hand tool evaluation / design criteria, Human performance assessment, Physical demands analysis, Research and development, Task analysis, Task design, Training / education / program development, Usability testing and evaluation, Workplace design team member

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