Bylaws and Policies

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ACE By-laws and Policies

The By-laws and official policies of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists / Association canadienne d’ergonomie (ACE) are provided for the information and reference of all members.

To read and/or download a copy of any of these documents, please click on the link provided below. Please note that all files are provided in Portable Document Format (PDF) and can only be opened using Adobe Acrobat software. If you do not have this software, a free Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from the Adobe site (



ACE Bylaws (302 KB) (revised 2017)




Policy - Official Languages (24 KB)

Policy - Conflict of Interest (19 KB)

Policy - Policy Review (15 KB)

Policy - IEA delegate selection (22 KB)

Policy - Use of ACE Council Titles (21 KB)



Policy - Retention Schedule (54 KB)

Policy - Minute Taking Standards (13.3 KB)

Minute Taking Supplement (12.7 KB)

Minutes sample (15.2 KB) Minutes Sample WORD version



Policy - Expenses (312 KB) 
Policy-Request for Funding (26 KB) 
Policy - Capitation (23 KB) 
Policy - Investment (18 KB)



Policy-Website Updates-4.1E (37 KB) revised 2005-04-09



Policy - Member Dues (22 KB) (revised 20080301) 
Policy-Corporate Membership Acceptance-5.2E (22 KB) 
Policy - Nomination for IEA Fellow (26 KB) 
Policy-Privacy-5.4E (114.7 KB) 
Policy - Individual member use of ACE name and logo (25 KB) 
Policy - Region logo use (21 KB) 
Policy - IEA Fellow Nomination (20.8 KB) 
Policy - Retired Members (20 KB) 
Policy - Temporary Membership (dues abatement) (25KB) 
Policy - Part Time Students (20 KB)



Policy-Conference Proceedings-6.1E (25.7 KB) 
Policy-Triennial Awards - 6.2E (26.7 KB)


External Relations

PLCY-ER-20130201 Knowledge Transfer Partners

Policy - Reciprocal Advertising (61 KB)