Professional Certification

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The CCPE (Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist) designation is the only certification in Canada that requires applicants to:

All members are held to a code of ethics.

Those who have attained the educational competencies may apply for the AE (Associate Ergonomist) designation while working towards attaining the years of practice and required professional experience competencies for the CCPE designation.

The Need for Certification

In the past decade, there has been a growing recognition of the field of ergonomics and human factors. With this recognition has come increased demand for ergonomic services. These services are currently offered by individuals with a wide range of training in ergonomics. Certification, with its requirement to meet a set of standards in training and experience, is important both for ergonomists and for the users of ergonomic services. Certification is required to:

The need for certification has long been recognized by the Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE), a professional association with over 600 members from coast to coast, established in 1968. In 1998, ACE established the Canadian College for the Certification of Professional Ergonomists.

A list of current CCPEs can be found at

Consultants with the CCPE designation can be found through the ACE Directory of Consulants (default search is by certified ergonomists).

For more information on the CCPE certification and how to apply, please go to

International Certifying Bodies

A number of countries have developed a certification process to certify practitioners of ergonomics that adheres to the minimum standards of competency set by the International Ergonomics Association. This helps users of ergonomics services to identify those who have an identified level of training and experience and improves the quality of practice among ergonomists.

Visit the CCCPE web site for more information on certification in Canada, criteria and application forms